Save Your Skins

Your Role Playing Game assistant What's that ? is an online platform where you can manage and organise all aspects of your tabletop RPGs
You can :

  • As the GM :
    • Create a new game to save all you need in it.
    • Invite your players to this game.
    • Organise your next sessions.
    • Save all you NPCs.
    • Create searching and sorting columns for your NPCs.
    • Share important informations about your game with your players.
    • Save your scenarios to have access to them on your phone or tablet.
  • As a player :
    • Save all your characters versions.
    • Save your personal notes about NPCs.
    • Share your players diary with the GM and your comrades.
    • Help your nice GM to save all the NPCs.
  • And finally, find other players in your area and invite them to play with you.
Many more other functionalities are planned and will be added to all of this bit by bit.

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